Applying to NAPS

Eligibility and Admissions Categories

Thank you for your interest in the Naval Academy Primary School! Anyone can apply to NAPS. As an independent educational institution with a long-standing relationship to the United States Naval Academy, we prioritize applicants with connections to the Naval Academy, the four branches of the US Military, as well as federal employees of the Departments of Defense, Justice, and Homeland Security.

Category 1 includes:

  • Members of the United States Armed Forces and Allied uniformed service personnel assigned to duty at the U.S. Naval Academy, Naval Support Activity Annapolis and their tenant commands;
  • Civilian faculty and employees of the U. S. Naval Academy and Naval Support Activity Annapolis;
  • Salaried employees of the Naval Academy Primary School; and
  • All other active duty, active reserve and retired United States military personnel.

Category 2 includes:

  • Salaried employees of the Naval Academy Athletic Association, and the Naval Academy Alumni Association;
  • Department of Defense civilian personnel;
  • Department of Justice personnel; and
  • Department of Homeland Security personnel.

Category 3 includes:

  • Alumni of the United States Naval Academy;
  • alumni of the Naval Academy Primary School; and
  • former members of the U.S. Armed Services.

Category 4 includes:

  • Members of the Annapolis Community. Enrollment will be considered after demonstrating in writing a connection to the Naval Academy, DOD activities, other members of the Association in good standing. Please indicate the connection and provide reference contact information. Category 4 families are required to pay a one time $1000 enrollment fee at the time of acceptance.

Eligibility Documentation: Categories 1 through 3 must provide documentation that affirms status as previously described above. Category placement is based on the parent’s status as of February 1st in the calendar year in which enrollment occurs.

Age Requirements for Preschool and Kindergarten:

  • PK 2-Day: Age three by September 1 (half-day classes; meets Tuesday & Thursday)
  • PK 3-Day: Age three by September 1 (half-day classes; meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • PK 5-Day: Age three by September 1 (half-day classes; meets Monday through Friday)
  • Kindergarten: Age five by September 1 (full-day classes; meets Monday through Friday)